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Construction & Design

Operational in 6 months • 3-Year ROI 80% • 80% Reduced Energy Cost • Starts at $55/sq. ft.

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Finalist for the prestigious Edison Award

in the category of Energy & Sustainability

The Next Generation of Greenhouse

Our greenhouse partner utilizes 35 years of architectural innovation and 20 years of outdoor crop production to bring commercial growers the most technologically advanced hybrid greenhouses on the market.


Their sleek, modern exteriors eliminate urban zoning problems for quick city approval, while their flexible layouts allow for alternative uses such as office space, recreation, research, and manufacturing.


Though including many patent-pending technologies, these advanced greenhouses are available at a significantly lower price than traditional greenhouses due to their galvanized conventional framing. The base model starts at $55/sq. ft.

Hybrid Indoor
Daylighting Design

This state-of-the-art, hybridized greenhouse design combines the full climate control of an indoor grow with the adjustable natural daylighting of a traditional greenhouse.

Unparalleled daylighting control options ensure optimal lighting at any time of the day:

  • Reflective coating which amplifies natural daylight

  • Adjustable artificial light source

  • Refractor panels

  • Electronic glazing daylighting control

  • Cloud cover hazing in sealed air cavity

  • Louver daylighting control

  • Draping daylighting control

AGT Daylighting.png

Cleanroom Technology

Patent-pending design uses the same FDA-approved cleanroom technology as pharmaceutical production, replacing the traditional greenhouse with an insulated, sealed, and secure cleanroom laboratory, guaranteeing the purity and safety of crops.

Natural Earth Air System

​Energy can be one of the highest recurring operating costs for greenhouses. In desert climates, air conditioning requires massive power to cool 120 degree temperatures. New greenhouses may even require new power transformers to be constructed, further delaying your business.


Only our advanced greenhouse partner uses this patent-pending technology to draw cool air from below, reducing your energy bills by up to 80%. It also integrates patent-pending oil bath fans to eliminate airborne contaminants.

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