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Our Mission

We seek to protect our planet by connecting new and resource-efficient technologies to create the advanced cultivation systems of tomorrow.

Our Vision

Indranet Partners was founded on the ancient Vedic concept of Indra's net. The Vedas describe Indra, a Hindu deity, as having woven an infinitely large net with a shining jewel at each knot. Any one jewel you look at reflects all the other jewels. Each jewel reflected in this one jewel also reflects all the other jewels, and so on. Our team seeks to embody this dynamic by interconnecting cannabis producers with the technologies and services that will best support their goals.


We operate on an ethos of "everything Earth-friendly." This transpires as we select partners whose technologies will most effectively increase natural resource efficiency.

After exiting the the Silicon Valley's advanced photonic engineering industry, Bill O'Banion (co-founder and Executive Chairman) relocated to Michigan to be closer to his family. He pivoted to the finance industry, joined by his son, James O'Banion (co-founder and CEO), and a close family friend, Shane Adams (co-founder and COO).


As outsiders to the industry, the team cut their teeth on renewable energy, battery technology, and electric vehicles before discovering the booming world of cannabis. They began building staggering portfolio of cannabis-based lenders, technology companies, producers, and retailers. However, being a new and quasi-legal industry, cannabis was found to be largely outside the capabilities of the traditional lending institutions.


They soon decided to form Indranet Partners in order to address the cannabis industry in a much broader capacity. They combined their shared financial vision for the cannabis industry, an executive chairman's 30+ years of sales and advanced engineering expertise, and a network of over 400 cannabis companies to create an interface that connects cannabis producers with the technology and services they want: the most efficient available.

Our Team

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