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Cannabis Debt Finance

Loan Structure

Our debt finance offerings have a balloon principle payment structure with low, interest-only payments until a larger principal payment at the end of your loan term, allowing you to focus on developing your means of revenue generation in the meantime.

Our lending institutions take a unique approach to assessing and appraising your property value by including the estimated value of your fully matured crop. As a result, your calculated fair market value significantly increases, thus mitigating perceived financial risk to lenders. This provides a greater chance of loan approval as well as a loan with more favorable terms.

  • 2 to 3 year term (extendable to 10 years)

  • 70% LTV

  • To-be-built cannabis valuation appraisal ($250-450/sq. ft.)

  • $500k minimum

  • Competitive, interest-only balloon principle structure

  • Pre- and post-revenue

  • Funds and closes within 2 business days of document review (on average)

  • Professional consultation throughout acquisition or remodeling

  • Extensive sub-contractor referral network

  • Available in all states where cannabis is legal

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