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Cultivation & Processing Technology

Our Partner Products & Solutions

LED Lighting Systems

  • $0.46/umol

  • 3.5 umol/J

  • 30% reduced fixture cost

  • 80% reduced installation cost

  • 100k hour L90-rated life expectancy

  • Award-winning, U.S.-based customer support

Vertical Grow Racks

  • Customizable modular design

  • Integrated light mounting system

  • Integrated antimicrobial air circulation system

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

  • Highest daily throughput on the market

  • Highest quality on the market

  • Lowest daily processing cost on the market

  • Automated

  • Winterization in 30 seconds

  • GMP-compliant

Power Availability Upgrade Utility

  • Increased power availability within 3 months

  • 2-5% power cost reduction

  • Up to 90% winter heating cost reduction

  • CO2 soil enrichment

  • No upfront cost

We Integrate Your Ecosystem

All of our partner technologies can be included in your real estate and/or construction debt finance package, thus significantly reducing your near-term expenditures without the extreme hurdles and weak terms typical of equipment-only finance deals in the cannabis industry.


We will also discount your finance package based on the amount of our technology partners you choose for your project.

  • Integrated catwalk system

  • Certified installation team

  • 5-year warranty

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