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Vertical Grow Racks

Grow Glide • Vertical Cultivation Grow Solutions

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A Vertical Grow System Built for Cannabis

Integrated Light Mounting Rail System capable of supporting any HID or LED lighting system

2mm thick stainless steel construction that meets and exceeds industry standards, powder-coated and e-coated to protect against rust

ABS material grow table that is lightweight yet highly durable, allowing for easy moving and cleaning

Galvanized wheels built with 1.5" x 4" dimensions and a protective zinc coating to glide smoothly along tracks

Modular Air Circulation

  • An air delivery system modeled after tried-and-true airflow applications such as car intake manifolds, capable of delivering air at up to 11 meters per second

  • Adaptable exhaust hole configurations to address the critical microclimate issues that can damage production yields

  • Flexible fabric antimicrobial ducts that can more easily be dismounted and cleaned or replaced compared to standard rigid ducting

  • Customizable to any length, racking system, and grow lights

Racking Air System.png
Racking Catwalk.png

Integrated Catwalk

  • Powder-coated aluminum construction allows for maximum weight of 32 pounds

  • 500 pound capacity per deck

  • Available in 4, 6, and 8 feet length with 20 inch width

  • Expandable in 3-inch increments so you can service multiple aisles simultaneously at your preferred width, with the option to add two full decks side-by-side

  • Easily lock grow decks into place with option to mount to racks or walls 

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