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Power Availability Upgrade

More Power • In Less Time • For Less Money​​

Why Cogeneration?

If you are a cultivator and your facility has limited amperage. Utility companies can increase your power levels, but not without a huge wait time and no timing guarantee.


Installing a natural gas cogeneration system produces power on-site. Exhausted heat and CO2 can then be pumped back into the grow room, dramatically reducing your heating bill and enriching your soil.

Earn on Excess Power

Excess power produced at your facility is sent back to the local grid. This generates external revenue which is partially shared with you as the producer. This occurs through what is known as a power purchase agreement.

The Bottom Line

  • Increased power availability within 3 months, a much lower wait time versus utility companies

  • 2-5% lower power bill

  • Power purchase agreement fully eliminates generator purchase and installation cost

  • Up to 90% reduced winter heating bill

  • CO2 soil enrichment

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