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LED Lighting Systems

California Lightworks • MegaDrive® LED Technology
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The Industry Leader in Efficiency

Utilizing the latest generation of Osram LEDs and a high-efficiency central power supply, California Lightworks lighting systems maximize light output with minimal energy consumption.


At $0.46/μmol and 3.5 μmol/Joule, no other lighting systems in the industry compare in energy and cost efficiency. With >100k hour L90-rated life expectancy and award-winning, U.S.-based customer support, you can be confident that your operation will continue running with optimal performance.

Multi-Channel Spectrum Control

2-Channel Digital Spectrum Control provides ideal intensity and spectrum for any growth stage, plant type, or growing conditions.

2-Channel Sequential Dimming optimizes mixed-light spectrum, thus increasing flower density and shelf appeal.


An integrated wireless photosensor allows for automatic dimming. Control options include touch screen controller, wireless Bluetooth controller, and third party controllers.

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New Patented Central Power Supply Design

Remote 10KW driver provides power to up to 27 chainable LED fixtures. This reduces installation cost by 80% and fixture cost by 30%.

Eliminating the driver in the light fixture lowers heat output and reduces the shading coefficient below any light with integrated drivers. Lighting infrastructure is dramatically simplified with far fewer electrical power connections and much more robust power protection.

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