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Design & Construction

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions® • Cannabis Specific Greenhouses


Seamless and Flexible Design

Ceres provides a complete solution, with all components designed to work together. Their modular approach allows for both flexibility and versatility.

Complete Environmental Control

Most greenhouses are vented, meaning large amounts of air flow in and out of the structure, providing passive cooling. While this design might make sense for a traditional vegetable grow, cannabis requires tighter environmental control as it is more susceptible to molds, over-spray (pesticides), and cross-pollination. The Ceres SunChamber™ is a completely sealed facility, which means it provides total environmental control. 


Another reason a sealed solution might make the most sense is to ensure GMP/GACP compliance before compliance becomes mandatory. Achieve the lowest microbial counts in the industry and prepare for the future of cannabis cultivation.

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Efficiency and Cost Savings

The combination of a SunChamber™ and a SunSense™ controller provides industry-leading control over your crop and facility. The SunSense™ collects data from sensors around the facility and makes minute-by-minute determinations about how best to respond to those inputs. Actions as minuscule as cloud cover can dramatically affect temperature, humidity, and total PPFD. The SunSense™ can anticipate this and, using cannabis-specific air handlers, re-stabilize the environment before plants become affected.

Better for the Environment

Increase water efficiencies by using recapture technology - only available with the Ceres SunChamber™. Water recapture will reduce overall water usage by up to 90%! This will go a long way as we move closer to drought events globally.

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